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With a gift voucher, you redeem unforgettable Italian flavours (denomination).
You can also use the gift voucher to buy a personalised trip to Italy with one of the Love from Italy producers (in a specified currency).
With a gift voucher, you redeem unforgettable Italian flavours (denomination).
You can also use the gift voucher to buy a personalised trip to Italy with one of the Love from Italy producers (in a specified currency).

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il Pesto di Pra

Bruzzone & Ferrari's delicious and traditional products are the fruit of two centuries of work and recipe refinement. That's how long one family has dedicated themselves to growing basil and perfecting the products and science that come from it.

What makes Bruzzone & Ferrari pestos special is the basil variety il Pesto di Pra, which is most appreciated in the mecca of Italian pestos, Liguria. Raw pestos such as Pesto Genovese, Pestoza aglio, i.e. garlic-free pesto, and Salsa di noci, i.e. walnut sauce, which are highly appreciated among gourmets, are perfect accompaniments to rustic pastas, salads and meat dishes. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company focused on basic greenhouse cultivation, quickly becoming one of the largest producers in the Prat region. Pra basil is given a unique organoleptic character and flavor characteristics by many microclimatic conditions and professional knowledge. il Pesto di Pra was born in 2003, when Pesto Genovese was first made from this basil according to a traditional recipe. Bruzzone & Ferrari's responsibilities today in their eyes are passing on their own values and following them to future generations, focusing on innovation while staying true to themselves, respecting their tradition and roots."

The Pra region, called Prati in Italian, has always been known for its farmers, fishermen, terraces and meadows. The 1970s saw industrialization and the construction of a container port, which contributed to the decline of the coastal fishermen's identity in the Pra region, while the farming culture continued its strong rise to prominence.

Pra basil has become a shining star of local agriculture and thanks to its organoleptic character, it is also known among gourmets around the world.

Le Chiusure

Le Chiusure winery is located a stone's throw from the picturesque Lake Garda, on the sun-kissed slopes of which the local family has been producing delicious wines and delicious olive oil for more than three decades. The winery is located in the picturesque heart of a medieval fishing village, surrounded by the mineral-rich slopes of Valténes. Four hectares of vines and two hectares of olive trees have been planted on the ridges, from which less than 25,000 bottles of wine and less than 1,000 bottles of olive oil are produced each year. Based on meticulous quality and exclusivity, the family honors the traditional approach to oenology and olive oil production, having decided to exclude chemical fertilizers and herbicides from the formula. Le Chiusure wines are highly valued among sommeliers and wine lovers, thanks to their full flavors and rustic approach to the production process. Today, Le Chiusure winery produces four different wines - two pinks, two reds, of which only over 4,000 bottles of the winery's ode Malborgetto are produced per year, and the elegant pink Roseti only in selected years.


As with countless companies, Mengazzoli's story began with a seemingly simple idea and dream. Today, the family business, which is almost half a century old and has won countless awards, was inspired by Giorgio Mengazzoli's dream - to enrich the treasure trove of world flavors with uplifting products from the Mantua region.

While in the early years of the company, Signore Mengazzoli mostly focused on the production and delivery of sea salt, apple cider vinegar and wines, but with the arrival of the younger generation in the company, the latter rose to the heavenly spheres. Expanding production to balsamic and other flavored vinegars, it paved the way for the Mengazzoli family company to become a real star among gourmets. Their products have been highly appreciated for decades, both in Michelin-starred restaurants and among top chefs and home chefs.

Mengazzoli products are perfect for enriching recipes by adding a strong and unique intense flavor nuance. The flavors come out especially strongly when playing with various aromatic herbs and meat dishes, tasty and juicy vegetables. Excellent companions for salads and bruchettas and chiabiatta, as well as perfect for enriching soups and broths rich in meat and seeds.

Nonno Andrea

<p>Nonno Andrea is a thoroughly organic family business located on the picturesque plain of Treviso, between raging rivers and the Alps. Nonno Andrea was created out of respect and love for the Earth, nature and its genuine talents and tastes. What sets them apart from other agrarian companies is their completely unique philosophy of life and way of thinking about farming.</p> <p>Nonno Andrea's products are awarded the "Supporter of Natural Diversity" certificate, which supports the cultivation and growth of conventional and micro-organisms on the company's farmland. To balance the ecosystem, special hedge bushes have been planted, nest boxes and even shelters for insects have been built, which increase the value of the products already in the bud, increasing the quality of air, water and soil.</p> <p>With this finely honed approach, the pinnacle of values has been achieved, which is also reflected in Nonno Andrea's organic farm products, which are crowned with quality marks. It is a lifestyle where, surrounded by nature and its powerful allies, ancient knowledge is combined with today's innovative methodologies.</p> <p>Colorful and natural ketchup sauces are made from various organic garden products, where harmony has been achieved between various spices, aromatic herbs and root vegetables. Ketchups-sauces are made at a low temperature in an airtight oven, where they are quickly cooled after cooking to strengthen the emergence of natural colors.</p> <p>Nonno Andrea's ketchup-sauces have characteristic clean flavors, which makes them pleasant and light additions to improve various dishes. They are particularly well suited as companions to grilled meats, fish and vegetables.</p>


Born out of destruction and fire, one of the world's most fertile olive oil plantations on the side of Etna gave Giuseppe Rosso the impetus more than half a century ago to realize his lifelong dream - to enrich his city with olive oil today awarded the Monte Etna DOP and IGP Sicily quality marks.

Having grown up on a farm among the fields, he decided in 1950 to establish a small olive oil factory in the historic center of the small town of Belpassa. With this, he fulfilled his dream, turning the fruits of his fertile land, the Nocellara olives, into the high-quality olive oil that has gained worldwide recognition today.

Vibrant and aromatic in smell and crystal clear in nature, Rosso olive oil goes perfectly with vegetables, salads, fish dishes and meat.

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