Le Chiusure, Roseti 2018


At the root of Roseti’s body, essence, and longevity, find unexpected depth in a rosé.

Since a few years ago, we have a new objective in Valtènesi: we want to become (and to a certain extent we already are) the territory of reference for quality and projectualisation for rosé wines in Italy. Roseti is born as a result of the research undertaken so far: a rosé wine suitable and versatile for a variety of food pairings, coming from the oldest vineyards of the estate, with a unique varietal balance and cellar work designed to give it structure and longevity.

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Le Chiusure

Le Chiusure winery is located a stone's throw from the picturesque Lake Garda, on the sun-kissed slopes of which the local family has been producing delicious wines and delicious olive oil for more than three decades. The winery is located in the picturesque heart of a medieval fishing village, surrounded by the mineral-rich slopes of Valténes. Four hectares of vines and two hectares of olive trees have been planted on the ridges, from which less than 25,000 bottles of wine and less than 1,000 bottles of olive oil are produced each year. Based on meticulous quality and exclusivity, the family honors the traditional approach to oenology and olive oil production, having decided to exclude chemical fertilizers and herbicides from the formula. Le Chiusure wines are highly valued among sommeliers and wine lovers, thanks to their full flavors and rustic approach to the production process. Today, Le Chiusure winery produces four different wines - two pinks, two reds, of which only over 4,000 bottles of the winery's ode Malborgetto are produced per year, and the elegant pink Roseti only in selected years.

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Grape variety

over 30 grape varieties



Annual cycle



Douro DOC

Percentage of alcohol

20 %

Serving temperature

13-14 °C


75 cl

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