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Walnut sauce, here in a new 350 g jar, is another typical Ligurian spice. With its rich taste, it goes well with pansot or lean ravioli, but also with Lunigiana testarol or even a nice chicken salad .. try it!


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il Pesto di Pra

Bruzzone & Ferrari's delicious and traditional products are the fruit of two centuries of work and recipe refinement. That's how long one family has dedicated themselves to growing basil and perfecting the products and science that come from it.

What makes Bruzzone & Ferrari pestos special is the basil variety il Pesto di Pra, which is most appreciated in the mecca of Italian pestos, Liguria. Raw pestos such as Pesto Genovese, Pestoza aglio, i.e. garlic-free pesto, and Salsa di noci, i.e. walnut sauce, which are highly appreciated among gourmets, are perfect accompaniments to rustic pastas, salads and meat dishes. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company focused on basic greenhouse cultivation, quickly becoming one of the largest producers in the Prat region. Pra basil is given a unique organoleptic character and flavor characteristics by many microclimatic conditions and professional knowledge. il Pesto di Pra was born in 2003, when Pesto Genovese was first made from this basil according to a traditional recipe. Bruzzone & Ferrari's responsibilities today in their eyes are passing on their own values and following them to future generations, focusing on innovation while staying true to themselves, respecting their tradition and roots."

The Pra region, called Prati in Italian, has always been known for its farmers, fishermen, terraces and meadows. The 1970s saw industrialization and the construction of a container port, which contributed to the decline of the coastal fishermen's identity in the Pra region, while the farming culture continued its strong rise to prominence.

Pra basil has become a shining star of local agriculture and thanks to its organoleptic character, it is also known among gourmets around the world.

Composition and nutritional value

Ingredients:olive oil, walnuts (21%), Grana Padano Dop (cow’s milk, salt, lard), cream, butter, Italian pine nuts, salt, Italian garlic, nutmeg, preservative: sorbic acid. Contains allergens.

Nutritional value per 100gr of product:
Calories 636Kcal / 2620 Kj
Protein 12 g
Fibre 2 g
Carbohydrates 1,9 g of which sugars 1 g
Fat 64,00 g of which saturated fatty acids 16,00 g
Salt 1 g


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