Grape confit / jam 210G


A delicious jam made from the Concord grape variety (strawberry grape) with a silky creamy and soft consistency. It is suitable for enriching cheeses in a playful way, as an addition to creamy desserts or for enjoying it just as straight from a jar with a spoon.

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Nonno Andrea

<p>Nonno Andrea is a thoroughly organic family business located on the picturesque plain of Treviso, between raging rivers and the Alps. Nonno Andrea was created out of respect and love for the Earth, nature and its genuine talents and tastes. What sets them apart from other agrarian companies is their completely unique philosophy of life and way of thinking about farming.</p> <p>Nonno Andrea's products are awarded the "Supporter of Natural Diversity" certificate, which supports the cultivation and growth of conventional and micro-organisms on the company's farmland. To balance the ecosystem, special hedge bushes have been planted, nest boxes and even shelters for insects have been built, which increase the value of the products already in the bud, increasing the quality of air, water and soil.</p> <p>With this finely honed approach, the pinnacle of values has been achieved, which is also reflected in Nonno Andrea's organic farm products, which are crowned with quality marks. It is a lifestyle where, surrounded by nature and its powerful allies, ancient knowledge is combined with today's innovative methodologies.</p> <p>Colorful and natural ketchup sauces are made from various organic garden products, where harmony has been achieved between various spices, aromatic herbs and root vegetables. Ketchups-sauces are made at a low temperature in an airtight oven, where they are quickly cooled after cooking to strengthen the emergence of natural colors.</p> <p>Nonno Andrea's ketchup-sauces have characteristic clean flavors, which makes them pleasant and light additions to improve various dishes. They are particularly well suited as companions to grilled meats, fish and vegetables.</p>

Composition and nutritional value

Ingredients : Organic grape Concord 82%, organic brown sugar, natural lemon pectin, organic lemon.

Nutritional value per 100 gr of product:

Calories 191 Kcal / 799 Kj
Proteins 0.7 g

Carbohydrates 46.0 g, of which sugars 46.0 g

0.0 g of fat , of which 0.0 g of saturated fat

0.000 g of salt

Nonno Andrea BIO products are certified by the inspection body ValorItalia S.R.L, which is authorized by the European Union MIPAAFT IT-BIO-015 to inspect the production of organic farming. Controlled operator N. 82359

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